Becky’s Chocolate Bites Mix



Chocolate Understands 


This mix includes a sampler of Becky’s hand dipped chocolate bites with classic and special edition cream cheese spread fillings, including #basic, cookies & cream, peanut butter cup, cappuccino, chocolate covered strawberry, and funfetti birthday cake.




Delivery available to New York City locations only. Shipping is not available at this time outside of New York City. 

Bite sized. Our bites are the size of a quarter (approximately). We recommend 2-3 bites a person. 

Our products are perishable. We deliver all of our products extremely carefully to ensure that they are chilled upon reaching you. Please be on the lookout for your order to maintain the freshness of your bites and spreads. None of Becky’s Bites products may be returned or exchanged.  

Bite this, not that. ALLERGY INFO: We bake with dairy, flour, nuts and sugar on the premises. Our products are not recommended for those with severe allergies to these ingredients. Chocolate bites do not contain gluten– with the exception of the cookies & cream and funfetti birthday cake flavors (and, possibly, specialty flavors). For more information regarding allergies, please do not hesitate to ask us in-store or call us at (212) 420-9200.

Bake it Like Becky! Refrigerate ALL of Becky’s Bites products for freshness.  We recommend that you serve Becky's Bites chilled.



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