Our Story

One night I was playing around in my kitchen in New York, craving just a bite of something delicious and whipped up, my now signature, chocolate dipped cream cheese bites. I realized, using cream cheese as a base palette, you could make limitless flavors -- just as you would with cream in ice cream, yogurt in frozen yogurt, and so on. With the help of my partner, and husband, Richard we realized we could expand this concept of flavored cream cheese to product lines we'd never seen before.

As we were in the midst of launching our cream cheese concept retail store, Becky's Bites, I began thinking of our line of cream cheese flavors I had developed along the same lines as ice cream. As someone who loved to cook my entire life, I knew cream cheese was a staple ingredient in both sweet and savory foods, dessert baking and dips and realized I had never seen a sweet dessert dip before. Once I paired our Vanilla Birthday Cake flavor with Graham cookies, I was immediately taken back to my childhood. This product tasted just like a beloved snack from my 90's Lunchbox days!! It was so fun and I knew our customers were going to love it and we had to bring it to the masses.

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