Corporate & Office Event Catering in New York City

Becky’s Bites is a unique addition for your next special event. Our bites and snack packs can be packaged as favors & giveaways, or featured as platters.

Becky’s Bites adds a personal touch with handcrafted desserts and breakfast options all made in New York City and Brooklyn. All of our handcrafted dessert and snacks can be customized to meet your event needs.

The only dedicated cream cheese store in Manhattan, featuring locally sourced cream cheese from the Hudson Valley, in ways that will change the way you think about cream cheese desserts.

Featured in Time Out New York, Insider Food, Food & Wine as a new hot featured dessert and breakfast option!

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Types of Corporate Catering Offered in NYC

We provide corporate catering services for all of your office event needs. Our clients choose Becky’s Bites as it provides an exclusive high-end experience for corporate orders and needs. We provide services for the following types of corporate events:
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Office Parties
  • Trade Shows
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Conferences
  • Charity Events
  • Networking Events
  • Company Meetings
  • Roadshows / Fund Raising
  • Board Meetings

Custom Logos

Becky’s Bites also can customize snack packs and bites for your client or event needs. We have experience working with high profile occasions to deliver professional customization. 
custom logo on desserts for office and corporate catering

Our Menu

office dessert catering menu near me in nyc

How Our Office Catering Service Works 

Ordering process

  1. Call us at 212-420-9200 or fill our order form to inquire
  2. We confirm order with you (we reach out immediately via phone or email to confirm details and needs for your event)
  3. Order gets processed
  4. Delivered with everything you need to host your event

Locations Served

We provide corporate event catering services in all of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

  • Downtown
  • Midtown
  • Uptown
  • Upper East Side
  • Upper West Side
  • Financial District
  • East Village
  • Brooklyn

What Our Customers Say About Us

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Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is going well. I wanted to write a huge thank you for coming by for another great event in our space last week! Our members LOVED it and it always goes so well. We are delighted to always host you here!


The bagels are so fresh and taste amazing with all the flavors! Bought a bag of six bagels for my office and we were dying over the cappuccino and salted caramel spreads!! Definitely the next big thing


Both the food and service were great! Loved the childhood throwbacks. Looking forward to getting more of Becky's Bites soon!


Great!! Delicious and delivered on time. Can't wait to use them again.


Here are a few of the most popular Frequently Asked Questions that our clients ask about our corporate catering services:

A: We do! Becky's Bites would be a sweet addition to your next event. See Catering for more information!

A: Becky likes the way you think. She would like to offer customized orders soon, but is currently unable to do so.

A: Yes! Please include your message in the notes section at checkout.

A: We'd love to! Please call us at (212) 420-9200 to discuss business opportunities.

A: Our menu denotes which of our products are gluten-free and vegan (which do we have a variety of options to pick from). None of our current product offerings are Kosher (sorry!)

A: It depends on the type of corporate event and time of day. We have included below some of our recommendations. We are happy to help customize and make sure that we meet the needs of your event. Please call us at 212-420-9200, or email us at to further personalize.

bites matrix to help catering decisions easier

A: All of our products are packaged with a unique touch to add a personal touch to your next event.

  • Bites (Chocolates, Pies and Cookie Sandwiches) are packaged in our unique Becky’s Bites boxes. They are individually packaged with care with mini cupcake liners, with 25 or 50 in each box.
  • Snackpacks can be featured in party platters or as giveaways depending on the event. Each snackpack or party platters includes cookies (dippers) with our special cream cheese spreads.
  • Bagels and Spreads are packaged in our Becky’s Bites boxes with spreads packaged in our 8oz containers.

A: Please place all catering requests at least one week in advance to guarantee availability.

A: $25

A: You can call us at our store in the East Village at 212-420-9200, or send us an email at Simply completing the Catering form will also let us know what your event needs are.

A: We will take care of delivery for you based upon the specified needs of your event.

A: We accept payment over the phone and or in store. A small delivery charge will be added to your order depending on the distance and size of the order.

A: Yes, we can! Please contact us at or fill out our catering form, and we will get right back to you.

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